10k 6pc Lab Diamond Bridge Grillz
10k 6pc Lab Diamond Bridge Grillz

10k 6pc Lab Diamond Bridge Grillz

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Are Grillz are made of real solid 10k,14k and 18k gold. We only use genuine diamonds and other materials. We guarantee the authenticity of all our jewelry. Our manufacturers give 100% effort and craftsmanship to each grill.
How to order Grillz:
  1. Place order for specific grill
  2. Once your order is placed we will then ship you a self-molding kit in 1-3 days
  3. Follow directions and mail mold back to use
  4. Once we receive your mold, we will then make your custom grill
  5. Once finished we will ship your grill in 3-5 days
  6. Receive your grill in the mail and don't be afraid to pop them in a get the photos popping!

The process takes 1-2 weeks for you to receive your grillz.
If you a looking for a different design or have any questions on custom specifications please contact us or give us a text or call 302-345-8986